Look For Her : The Next Project Runway Star!

I have no talent or whatsoever (this is my HRM lecturer favourite word) in art.
If you dig my entire human system, there's no single cell looks artsy.

My father is a born artiste, I might say. He can play guitar and sing quite well (according to my standards) Besides, he draws beautifully. Most of the times he's my ultimate savior, because he re-do my Pendidikan Seni homeworks. Except yg chop chop pakai batang keladi, daun bunga raya, or potato tu lah, itu I sangat suka buat.

That is why, I find it weird when I draw a simple face of human, it always looks cartoony. I sing terribly (ask the bf and Fifa, they know better). I still stuck with a skill of orang lidi. And if I draw a circle, the two endpoints always do not meet at the same place. When he taught me drawing techniques (such as using the brush techniques using water colors to color trees), my leaves always seemed to be too cluttered and too 'pressurized'. And the tree trunks always look bigger and out of scale.

I had tried to find the art-soul in me. Thus, I quit several years ago, when I know I am yet, helpless.

I always believe I am my father favourite child (something tells me that somewhere)
Until I saw this drawing by my sister, Durane, I know my anak emas position is at stake.

No this is not really a news for me. I've known her fashion-sketch frenzy since we shared the same room 21 years ago. But this is really something.

She said she wants to take part in Project Runway Malaysia. My little advice is : Kau tu jahit pun tak reti, reti lukis je!

Fine, maybe I can share the favourite position with her instead.

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Aya said...
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Aya said...

halo Haneysa :D !!

haha. my brother pun pandai lukis.tp he always marah when we said he's talented coz he sed he learned (hard) how to draw, spent a lotta time i guess...

while me, well i take after my dad kot...lukis orang jd monyet, lukis monyet jd orang..hahaha

tp the weird thing bout me is i can draw one time je..cam i draw kucing skali, yeay jadi..pastu cannot draw dah. itu namenye nasib. hahaha

ur sis nk jd fashion designer ke ? kewl

Haneysa said...

my sister is not a fashion designer!
salah amik course lah die tu.

hey at least u can draw one time and pooooft! terus jadi.

in my case, i would erase, erase, erase, smapai page tu terkoyak berlubang, kucing pun tak jadi-jadi.

babyish_angel said...

lawa laa chin..not u,but ur sis's sketchin ;)

Tinger said...

wow that's impressive! :)
she should def take part in the project runway, it would be good experience for her.

Haneysa said...

to yi ting,
hahahah. i tell her that later of course.
but telling u the truth she doesnt know how to sew. at all.

Haneysa said...

to zu,
hmmm. i pun lawa jugak. inner beauty, org cakap ;p

alia detsiwt said...

harnette... talent datang dalam pelbagai bentuk dan wajah. kadang2 kita salah anggap terhadap interest. jangan salah tafsir.