Do I Ever Cross Your Mind

You want to know what I am doing at the moment?

I have been listening to sad, slow break up song. Brian Mcknight, Innuendo, Mariah Carey, old Nsync, Babyface, Ronan Keating. But the roomate is singing along, and the night is cold, and no, we are neither dealing with heart breaks, nor heart breakers.

Cant remember why we fell apart
from something that was so meant to be
forever was the promise in our hearts
and more and more I wonder where you are
do I ever cross your mind?

any time,
do you ever wake up reaching out for me
do I ever cross your mind?

any time,
I miss you
-Brian Mcknight's Do I Ever Cross Your Mind.

Dealing with breakup is something very painful to remember. I know it's tragic, being left behind. (and it's much more tragic if you are the one who left ;p)

But I know my friends are a bunch of strong girls.
Because they sure about what they want, and what they don't.
Besides, they get over the break up for a month! BRAVO!
Isn't that the most beautiful thing?

P/S This entry does not concern anyone in patricular escpecially Zu.

7 nosy parkers:

zu the heartbreaker said...

yeah thnx for the entry chin.whtever.

Haneysa said...

its not dedicated for u lah zu.

zu the heartbreaker said...

yes it is!u know tht.hehehe

zoo again said...

eh jap..this entry is dedicated for me and ziana actually weeeeeee~

Haneysa said...

ok tau pun.
bising lah u ni.

afifa said...

no..getting over a break up is not the most beautiful sure zoo is prettier

zoo said...

hahahahaha ure funny fa!

p/s:the first two lines of lagu tu somehow buat i sedih :(