Jangan Harap

Jangan harap..

  1. Jangan harap I nak pakai baju kurung pergi kelas. Panas. Walking at my usual pace would be impossible and a struggling young geisha may give you the general picture.I think I look, helpless.
  2. Jangan harap I nak pakai eyeshadow. Haha tak reti sebenarnya. But no, the ideas of putting colors on the eyes still foreign to me.
  3. Jangan harap I nak berbaik-baik dengan junior just-because. By know you should sense I am never the friendly type. I speak to those I want to speak period. Sombong? I don't mind that. Some kids will be vacating the house for Petronas Edu Camp and I'll kick their asses for sure!! Hhahahaha. Err..on the second thought, I may not.
  4. Makan ayam part thigh. No excitement there. But the bf does. I call him Upin Ipin.
  5. Jangan harap I would spend on things I don't use. Practicality is my most priority. Fifa says I think too much before I buy. But bf says the opposite. But I love the pink Clinique lip gloss, but I'm aware deep in my heart after several put-ons my lip will cracked like a bad mixed concrete.
  6. Jangan harap I would understand what I'm studying, until the very last hour. Even I bury my face in it for days, understanding will come to me at the very last minute. Yes under pressure I work wonders. I am the ultimate super procrastinator, only that it always come a little too late.
  7. I am so not into the Self-Development stuff. So don't speak The Secret language with me. Or Stephen Covey-ing me. The trouble to listen (and digest) to motivational self-help is well breed since I was born.
  8. Again, jangan harap I would completed my work until the very last minute. That explains when I only have 2 months to finish my degree, only now I realise Damn banyak gilaaaaaa kerja FYP I!!!!!!! I swear I will not sleep for this two months time..!

6 nosy parkers:

babyish_angel said...

banyak gilaaaaaaa kerja tp still bleh tgk movie on saturday..hehe ifa ckp u tdo lena jee..exaggerate la post u ni chin ;)

Haneysa said...

movie still movie.
tido still tido.

i mane boleh tak tido. pernah ke u tgk i tak tido one whole night???

u want to see quite a different atmosphere jom dtg sini. semua orang BUAT KERJA. amazingly.

bukan selalu cm ni. sekali dlm 5 tahun.

alia detsiwt said...

i love number 3.

juniors, please bear in mind, harnette mmg scary org nya... i pernah takut kat harnette. dia masih scary la rasanya... so bukan i pernah, i rasa i masih takut...


alia detsiwt said...

*gelak guling2*

Haneysa said...

i pun pernah takut kat u. first time i jumpe u dgn ur tudung. style tudung u menakutkan i!

alia detsiwt said...

ahahahhahahahah buruk gila kan? i pun takut tgk cermin... but couldnt be bothered... whahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhah i ingat nak jd trend setter. fail. huhuu