Cepatlah Habis Study

By the end of this half-year, I will not be

  • listening to Lifehouse, Oasis and Corrinne Bailey Rae (at night) anymore.
  • squeezing in How I Met Your Mother and FRIENDS in between breakfast and coffee break.
  • drinking nescafe twice or thrice a day.
  • toast bread and butter.
  • sit on plastic chair with thin layer of cushion.
  • stare at the monitor as close as 3 inches-instead grabbing the glass next to me.

Had enough of them already.

2 nosy parkers:

MeiYuan said...

OH and how i miss the study days! lol! working is not as fun, well of course the dollar sign take cares of it ;)

Haneysa said...

i know! the dollar (rm pun jadi lah) takes care of everything and anything.
you take care of yourself too career woman!