When Only Water Can Calm Me Down

HRM presentation today went exceptionally well! Yeay! Apparently we have our very own Dr Rohani protegee in the group (hint: zaza). We have two very silent group members (almost mute) but all the covering up by us the girls went smooth too.

Am waiting for them to show up from Ipoh. Need to jump into the pool asap. This head is exploding and my heart is jumping when I asked the bf to stop at the pool to make sure the water is clean and crystal-like. A lot of times the pool is greenish and mouldy.

UTP pool greenish and mouldy? Happen all the time okay!

The Internet still sucks big time. At the moment my cable is not connected what the hell. That explains the wrong spelling from previous entry. Nak edit post memang impossible.
Becoming internet-dependent is so not cool anymore.

Btw, tengoklah Juno. Juno-the movie in case you didn't know.

Later, alligator. Take care (yeah right).

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