I Am A Complainer

Internet here in UTP is very shittttyyy.
Actually the f word is more appropriate, but since I reserved the f word for very-very shitty events.

I have my own cursing hirarchy you know.
Shit is for something very shitty. Such as you forget to do the homework, you left your bags and went back lenggang kangkung.
Bodoh is for something quite funny, but stupid of course. This kind of word is fully utilized when I speak to Fifa. A lotof bodohs she got from me, I hope it won't turned into a doa or something.
Shoooooot! is when something suprising/shocking happen to my dear characters in tv sereis. Liek when Robin kisses ******. Or when Claire was voted off the ANTM 9.
Fuck. So far, I used f words twice. First when I got A-(remember last time post-internship tu?) and my second f word is when I hit a dog. Err no, not exactly when I hit the dog, but when I pulled over and noticed I broke the bf's fog lamp and ran that RM200 piece, I shouted faaaark.

The dog didn't die instantly btw. It ran away to the other side of the road. And no, it's not entirely my fault!

Anyway April babies, Happy Birthday. Sorry I wasn't at the 'celebration'. Being a good graduating student I am here. Really. I didn't even watch movie this week.

I was damn scared to sleep alone in the house this weekend, so I put on FRIENDS in Winamp (replay mode) and switched on all lights. Luckily, I am an easy sleeper.

Again, UTP internet is so shitty.
Kalau I private student dah complain kat surat kabar.

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