And it was all, yellow.

No I didn’t drown in the moldy pool. And the pool is not moldy to begin with.
And I am not having real-life- greys-anatomy drama, indeed everything is perfectly smooth.
‘When is the next big fight going to surface? This is too good to be true!’

Final exam came knocking last Monday. Unlike past years, this time around I open my arms wide open. It is my tenth final exam, you know. How more bitter I can possibly be?
EIS paper went okay. There are huge gaps between papers so, again, unlike past years I do have some time for extra revision (hopefully, with fingers crossed and no eyes twinking).

Kesedaran comes a little too late don’t you think?
Hence, notice every year I say the same thing?

Internet still sucks, boiling me inside. But I don’t care anymore. However I need to update myself on whats happening around the world. Aftershocks in Beijing, Idris Jala response to Fernandez, and the PM suspiciously weird growing tummy.
Who's cool, who's not, what's new, what's passed. So this embarassing conversation won't happen again
Him : Dia you pakai Gen-2?
Me : Haah
Him : Gen-2 CBS?
Me : Ntah I pun tak perasan plate number kereta dia.

A friend of mine Faera come stumbled across this blog. To her, Welcome Dear!

3 nosy parkers:

babyish_angel said...

cintet i miss u

claudine said...

thanks for one size bigger and red colored font tu ye haney..haha

Haneysa said...

hahahahaha. no problemo.

ok much awaited paper coming, ocm kan?

kesian die tak sabar2 nak exam!