You awake at 5 am in the morning for a quick spin? Good.

  • Final dissertation must be submitted this Friday and the lecturer just handed in my draft with pretty painful comment. 'Your English is pooooor'. Fine..
  • Studying Project Management is so boring. Once I flipped through the notes my movement starts to slow down to snail-pace.
  • There are new tops in the drawer begging and crying for me to bring them out for a quick movie. Hint terus, Ironman. I said to them 'I love you too much, that's why I don't want you to see the cruel world outside'
  • Someone is thinking of changing his sport preference. I wonder who. I wonder why.
  • Yesterday the computer failed to boot and my heart spinned horrifiedly I swear its the appropiate time for heart attack. When sent to the IT Guru over there, behave pulak dia.
  • I listened to Friends or Sex and The City on iPod during study time. And I giggled, in the library like a crazy person.
  • People in the library amused me. Sometimes I caught them staring at each other, examining each and everyone. So I decide to put down my glasses, everything around is blur hence I can concerntrate more.
  • I like his smell. Not his perfume but him.
  • Kimya Dawson is weird, but I like.
  • I am able to blog since it's too early in the morning, the internet traffic is less, and UTP people are not well known for early to rise!

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