I miss my mama

Mother always says eat your vegetables, and get your hands on fruits as much as you possibly can.

Well, but mother didn't provide 'weekly fruits and vegetables allowance' and I used up all the money for healthy food on Ferragamo Incanto Dream that is by the way, smells so fruity and vegetable-ish.

So when I sneeze through the day after a morning swim, despite very hot humid weather,
who should I put the blame on?

2 nosy parkers:

babyish_angel said...

omg u beli incanto keeeeee?fineee i nk jugak!but i dh guna my bday allowance on baju hehe

Haneysa said...

hahahha. beli je lah tp jgn beli incanto dream okay. u tu byk perfume kesianlah i yg kedekut ni.

haah i dgr u tinggal tuuut je from gaji u. heheh. goodluck with that.