Exams coming, for the last time of everything

I remembered well last semester I was crazy over Alicia Keys’ As I Am and shuffled the whole album for weeks. The songs were glued in the head and addiction calms me down.

That was the time, exactly, previous final year exam.

And now still am searching for the right kind of songs but everything sounds odd and un-inspirational to amuse me between notes, books and multi-colorful Stabilo pens.
Something that can un-cluttered all the mess on the table. That works stronger than coffee. Makes both feet swing happily and hand writes gleefully on paper.

Do you know cavitation is something opposite corrosion?

Cavitation happens in the impeller of a pump. Where bubbles formed, then these tiny poor bubbles will explode because their surrounding is stronger than they are. Once they exploded, the fluid surrounding them will (nosily) ‘fight’ for a place to fill in the void they left behind. During the ‘fight’ these other fluids will become stronger and stronger and become micro jets. These micro jets will cause the impeller’s surface tiny little holes, thus damage the equipment subsequently.

Isn’t it ironic?
They are so tiny harmless bubbles yet so powerful and destructive.

That’s the first engineering knowledge I’m sharing here and pray I’ll never will again. Hehe.

What is with the word ‘haih’?
I don’t really like it.
The BF used the word during the Gtalk conversation and I can’t help but pointing it out

‘That is a new word coming from you’

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