Hello July

After two miserable days with annoying headaches and runny nose, I recovered well.
Too well that I managed to pull myself out to work with the Holy Good Monday Spirit!

(I did put on heels today-that is a good sign of Good Spirit)

Ade lah tak boleh cerita sini.

The things is, I like my friends there.
People from UTP used to be very kiasu (they need to be) and very different.
A lot of times I feel suffocated and find it hard to actually click.
They are so nice that I'm afraid I might break them with my natural charm, that is, my sarcasm.

But now my friends at work are those who can make a silly kindergarten game into a hilarious one, that I laughed till my tears dropped.
Things here are so easy breezy, no annoying attitude observed till day 9 (accept mine?) and they are so open up to everything.
They don't care if you're are different, or just as same.
That I am able not to fake my laugh just to blend in.
Or make small talk just to cross the awkward bridge.
You know what I mean?

One month to go, and then we'll be off separate ways.

4 nosy parkers:

afifa said...

im not ready for tomorrow huwaaaa..nak training lg

Haneysa said...

im looking forward to reen's potluck. seriously.

afifa said...

hihi i pun!mane entry pasal mini cooper u

Hafizd said...

i noe ur job already~ hihi