a girl got to do what a girl got to do

There are always first time to everything, right?
(I sound like a script, do I?)

Last Friday we had to sing in front of everyone. By we I mean the juniors at my work place. By singing I mean standing out front pulling our best voice chords.

Oh my God I never sing in front of strangers before. At first it was very hard to do.
What lingers in my mind that time was..
What song best fit so I won't embarrassed myself with one of my obvious weakness (my voice is terrible) in front of colleague I just met few days?

So I pulled out all the dignity I have in me and sing the safest song in the world
..Just like a star across the sun....
..Just like an angel of the page..
It's Corrine Bailey Rae Just Like A Star!
The safest beautiful song fits my hidden soft voice purrfectly!

Even though I sound nasal due to the mini flu (which according to bf, I always sound nasal when I sing), I actually enjoyed it.
I even swing my legs by the time the song ended.

Note to all : Always have a 'safe' song that you can sing without making yourself look like an over-do. And don't, don't ever ever sing Linkin Park even though you secretly love them so much especially when you are above the age 21.

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Hafizd said...


safe song~ should i have one? hmmm maybe i just sing the chorus of any songs that cross my mind at that moment~ la la la