Now thank our parents for thoughtful names and for making us not being the joke-point at school

I am still amused how people pronounced my name very weirdly.

Somehow they managed to twist their tongue and re-arranged the alphabet into unimaginable sequence…

Ha-ney-sya is very normal. Unacceptable but normal.
I once called Hanessy by my Highway Engineering Lecturer and I granted him an angry stare.
He apologized profusely, so I let it go.
They were also Ha-nei-shia. That one is also forgiven since I was given that name during my Mandarin class.

I always have hard time to decide either to reveal my special(lah sangat) nickname when introducing my self for the first time, since I ‘malas’ to undergo all the wah and ahhh when I told them to call me Haney.

Lagi malas bila argue pulak kenapa spell H-a-n-e-y bukan H-o-n-e-y.

I don’t want to give them ideas on new nicknames such as Hanis (no NO!) or Nisa (errrrkkk!) or worst, other irrelevant name such as name of a fish or name of a car (Ferrari?) or name of a football player.

In MRSM, I was also called by the name of a fish by the guys, and they still think I have no idea they were talking about me.

P/S This point is inspired by my encounter with someone by the name Shawal Maradona. And **** (tak ingat) Ferrari.