I hope you won't get bored with more stories of Qusyairi

Some pictures from SUKMA Terengganu.

On different note : Yes, I think my brother had grown up. He is as same height as I am (the measurement took place few minutes ago. )
I am devestated being the shortest in the family (mama doesn't count), but I'm learning to live with it! Hell yeaaah!

With his friends, errr, I don't know their names.

Doing what he does best besides fishing - flying kites.
Say it guys - dia memang kampung boy by nature!

Pretty familiar scenes in the family.
No need to know we used to run arond in the house with swim suits on!

This is a picture of him..err..doing his thing..

Mama took this while waving him goodbye.
And a PSP hanging - says I'm a kampung boy by nature but a geek by peer-pressure!

So once I stepped into the house I asked him what did he bought for me as souvenier.
He said he has some keropok.
I said Oh so sweet.
Then mama break the moment by saying she did all the purchasing of souveniers.
That keropok is actually for his classmates. The only things he bought is this stupid wooden-Penyu-keychain and a huge kite, both for himself.

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twisted-lullaby said...

i segan laa tgk blog u dgn gamba2 swimming trunks. *blushes*

stop it chinn. stop it! hehehe

Hafizd said...

found u already~