are you okay?

Banyak nya stuff to do, banyak nya things to buy,
tapi sikitnya duit ;(

Before that, PDA alert eh.

Last Saturday the bf and I went 'dating'. Err peliknya pakai the word dating. After so long, outings seems so casual, but since we no longer near each other, just say that I hardly closed my eyes the night before we met. So high school-ish.

However on Saturday everyone at work had to wear pink, and frankly I think we all looked funny. The floor looked so amusingly pink that I almost blurted out 'you looked so bad in pink' to some people. Me and my unstoppable mouth! I have one old pink shirt that has holes at some places but I have no other choice to resort to. So I packed my shirt that he liked most and changed into that before meeting with the bf. Again, so high school-ish kan.

When I saw him, I did not let his arms off and I smiled hell lot that it might looked weird to some people (considering my hateful-relationship with the act of smiling). We watched Hancock at GSC Signature and honestly speaking, I am not very fond of the movie pun. Ok je lah.

Had KFC Nuggets for pre-lunch, Dominoes for lunch and Nandos for dinner. Makan semua benda yang teringin-teringin, bestkan ada boyfriend? ;p

The bf is still considering to either jump into automotive or oil & gas. At first I talked him into oil & gas (of course) but reminded by his passion into automotive (well that is what he talked about, most of the times, poor me kan?) I think I'll be okay with anything.

Today one of the most favourite phase at work ws
'Are you okay Haney?'
I heard that so many times that I actually asked them
'Are you seniors are obligated to ask me that?'

are you OK
Will you tell us that you’re OK
There’s a sign at the window
That he struck you
A crescendo, Annie..

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