I decided to watch Sex and the City the Movie by illegally download it and play them on my pc.
Better than watching the less-20 mins version in the country.

That is very unlike-ly of me, since I have been waiting for the movie since early last year, but after serious consideration with the sister, we decide to enjoy Carrie and the girls like usual old times, on the bed with (normal) altic lansing speaker.

Anybody want to butt in?

Since my pc is in my room, and sitting would be on the bed, no popcorn please ya. I don't want to breed baby cockroaches between my duvet.

2 nosy parkers:

alia detsiwt said...

yuck to baby lipas!!!

harnette... c u at the airport?

azra said...

haney, aku ade blog. segan nak bitau korang. haha. tp baru jugak. aku nak letak ur link kat page aku k.