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Being unemployed, graduated and all, there are nothing much to do every other weekdays. But in weekends, if you want to see me, do set an appointment way ahead okayh!

On the 15th August weekend, I was away at KL, tagged along the parents who attended the Long Service Award for PETRONAS staff at Impiana KLCC. Impiana je? Dulu Mandarin Oriental, cut cost ke? My father had been serving the company for 25 years (sapa2 yang tak faham bahasa ingat PETRONAS naik-kan harga minyak memang digging your own grave kalau cakap benda-benda ni dgn orang2 mcam ayah).

On the 15 August itself was my 5th year anniversary with the BF. Yes we met exactly 5 years ago, during the same Long Service Award (20 years service that time) in Mandarin Oriental and KLCC witnessed of the overwhelmed drama and passionate love (masa tu lah!). Head over heels, impulse dates, perasaan membara, adrenaline rush semua ada. Siap dump boyfriend masa tu and ran after mr BF ni ha. Top up everyday RM30 takde hal punya. Final exam Chemistry esok, today pergi tengok movie, nasib baik tak fail and graduate sama-sama dengan orang yang tak mabuk (sangat) cinta. Nasib baaaaik dah get over the kemabukan and dapat jugak grad second class upper walaupun borderline je. Hehe.

First year was another drama on its own. Fight, scream and cry memang our very best friend. Lucky us, the drama slowed down by time. We developed and grew stronger. That is what I like the most about this particular relationship of mine. It moves forward and does not linger around old issues. Mini drama still ada, of course, but I guess we both know how to handle the situation so it wont turned the mini drama into somekind of movie.

Suddenly we stepped into the fifth year. I think we marked out all the grey areas. Having finished study the most favourite question 'Bila nak kawin' dah jadi mcm annoying. Honestly, I never believe that marriage is the ending of great love. I don't see marriage as something you do to seal the deal. I see marriage as a phase. A phase I am not yet ready to even think about.

I think I'm becoming romance-intolerant by day, helppp!

I'm doing my best in the relationship. I can bravely say I'm giving my all, despite other commitments like family, studies (hmm I never knew studies is a commitment) and own spaces. It's not like high school love, where the worst thing to worry is that why didn't he call tonight. He has his own past and I have mine. Both are not in each other past-life picture. But we have solid 5 years together and endless future ahead of us.

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Ok lah, since ramai sgt comment on the word sacrifice (entah apa yang scary brutal nya!)
its compromise baby, compromise!

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amirul farez said...

amboi ko bab mem-fire aku mmg suka kan. well since ur there, i might as well link u too.

anyways congrats sbb berjaya juga grad. and hope u n that chinese guy have a handful of kids to grow old with. muahahaha

Haneysa said...

memang la, takkan aku nak fire sam sitha pulak, tak paham pulak die nnti. hehe.

rashid said...

loads and loads of sacrifice. = brutal..

niema-sifiana said...

my dad pun dapat award for 25 years working for petronas~!anak dia nie bila la plak nak keja ngan petronas nie..adeh..i just hate waiting!

Haneysa said...

rashid : ape yg brutal?

niema : ye ke? eh u tak dapat lagi ke? i pun dah penat ni ha tunggu!

afifa said...

sacrifice?u make it sound scary..what about compromise :)

rashid said...

heh, tu quote james persie (bernie mac) dlm "guess who"..
xpe, 4get it.. =p