Well I just got to know that Dicaprio next movie, Body of Lies (no poster found in the net, yet) is going to be in Malaysia in....
..wait for it...


Lambat lagi I know, buat at least I have something in the cinema to look forward to. It's amazing having the tingling feeling of excitement not knowing the movie's gonna be good or bad. Tak sabar.

And let see what else installed next month

1) The Other Boleyn Girl (Natalie Portman and Scarlet Johanson)
2) Mama Mia!
3) Romulus my father
4) Deception (Hugh Jackman, nyumm nyumm)

1) Tropic Thunder!!! (Lambat gilaaaaaaaaaa mati I tunggu)
2) Max Payne (Mark Whalberg dalam Four Brothers tu boleh tahan ;p )
3) Eagle Eye (siapa suka Shia LeBouf and rasa dia cute hands up!)

1) Quantum of Solace (my favourite Alicia Keys doing the song with White Stripes' John White)
2) Chicago 7 (Steven Spielberg's, I like all his work, including the ones bored to death)

More movies in between, that are not showing in local cinemas, I'll let you know.

*sources from wikipedia and GSC site.

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