in my world, time moves as slow as snail

It's getting boring waking up with nothing important to do. My days are filled with internet surfing picking clothes for imaginary wardrobe, vacuum-ing the dust in the house, laundry and work that needs most thinking is, looking thru Qawiem's addmath.

Do I miss maths?
No! Not in million years.

So let see how I kill the days waiting for my future come rolling at my feet (that makes me sound like a lazy bum eh?)

  • Laundry. I iron everything including boxers. My brothers said I'm sick, I tell them ironing clothes is therapeutic.
  • Call friends whining how boring life is. I cannot call bf since he's working. (I never called him during office hour, how considerate am I? )
  • Books. In the end of finishing Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaleed Khosaini, that is so addictive and in my humble opinion, is better than Kite Runner.
  • Movies. Thank You For Smoking recommended by one of my colluege, indircetly telling me that my convincing/negotiation skill is poor. And Gangs of New York, and Sex and the City almost every night.
  • Since I'm in the season of puasa ganti, so no eating, hence lagi lah sikit benda boleh buaaaaaat!!!
  • Staring at the mirror. I remember past month when I was working I have no time to look at the mirror for more than 2 mins. Now I have time to count new-visible pores, putting on the mud-mask Sara gave every day, and I notice something, my red-colored hair is becoming karaaaaat. Yelppp!
I need these to cheer me up!

To go with the cardi, of course. ;p

2 nosy parkers:

afifa said...

come onnn new entry..u expect i bace ape kalau takde new more responsible haney pls..for once!(hehe obviously i tgh bosan gile)

afifa said...


happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 5th anniversary!!!