this is supposed to be posted on 1508, but why should i care about deadline?

Yes, last week on the 15 of August marked the official date that this person one prson has been my, shopping buddy, IT consultant, quality control, financial advisory (and supporter ;p), meal buddy, LOYAL MOVIE-PARTNER, unpaid driver, favourite listener, entertainment provider, and the list goes on and on, but the things is,

he has been my boyfriend for 5 years.
(swallow that guys!)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY sir, apa lagu theme anniversary this year eh?

4 nosy parkers:

afifa said...

elehhhh zue tmoro 4 years hehe

babyish_angel said...

hahhaa happy 5 made-up years anniversary chin!yeah esk i 4 years..4 full-of-dramas years hihihih..

Haneysa said...

elehhh 4 years baru. masuk the 5-th year lagiiiii lah drama (sure punye).

anniversary i even though made up, tapi tak on-off, it's SOLID.


ok la, haapy anniversary to u too zu. be good ya both of you ;p

Anis said...

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