the search of perfect cardigan is over (for time being)

'I'm looking for the perfect cardigan..'
'I jumpa kat Topshop ada satu, cun jugak'
'Topshop? Fine, mesti mahal..'

'Taklah, ok je price dia'

'Ye ke? Berapa? Ada satu cardigan color orange I tengok dulu (dulu) quite pricey ok, RM150 plus. I cannot afford la...' (Baca dengan tone sedih)
'Hehe, yang I nampak tu seratus lebih la jugak..'

'Eiii mahal nyaaa. '

'Eh ok lah tu. Cardigan boleh pakai dengan macam-macam.'
'For me, baju over hundred tu mahal ok! I takkan beli lah kalau baju je lebih 100. Bla bla bla....'

Tup tup semalam I beli jugak cardigan tu.
It was just like I wanted (and more?), stick to your skin, flowy, nipis but not transparent, doesn't make me look like I have 3 layers of skin, and most importantly, very practical!
After a brief negotiation with this tiny brain of mine, and my bank account balance, after the 10% discount, I widened my eyes exclaimed 'I want!'
Tak boleh cakap apa, love at first sight.
Yes, love at first sight, you know what they say, one who has not experience it, may never understand!

Mind you I have three pieces of clothes going on my upper ok, the top inside, the cradigan itself, and my tudung. The correct match of materials sangat important (for me). So behold! Yours truly memang super dupeeeeer cerewet.

Yesterday we went for 21: The Movie, a movie based on Ben Mezrich' book, Bringing Down the House. It was okay-lah, a bit slow at the starting but the story developed well, I guess. Since he read the book I keep asking 'Lepas ni apa jadi' but of course I was being ignored. But he did said the lesson learn was (let me quote him) 'orang tamak selalu rugi'.

Btui!! btui!! (ala rindu lah call floor. haha!)

4 nosy parkers:

babyish_angel said...

thnks to ifa i spend over 700 yesterday hehe..baju kerja ruffle2 laa apa lagik :P yea yea u can laugh all ur heart out chin tgk wardrobe i..but like wht u said tu jeee accessories i ok..

p/s:our next outing is seoul bulgogi!letsss!

Haneysa said...

gileeeeeeeee u. jahatnye ifa tu suruh org spend tapi sendiri tak spend. (hehe fa sorry)

letssssss. jommmm!

natasha said...

alahai.. nak shoppinngggg.... :(

afifa said...

hellooooo u tak tgk muke zaza n zue kalau i cakap MAHAL LA!

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