the day my childhood best friend elder brother got married

*This post will be updated from time to time, hence the poor quality pictures.

Last Friday was a wonderful day indeed. Even though I usually spill out how I'm freaking scared to idea of married, but I loooooove seeing others get married, especially those very closed to my heart!

On the remarkable 08-08-08, Nadzwan, the brother of my very best friend get married. It was a simple nikkah ceremony and it was sweet. I told Natasha if I only I can have a simple nikkah like that and she complain something about her not being able to change clothes!

I hate to say this out loud, it's quite embarassing for people of my kind to say this (this is a self-proclaimed cold hearted saying) but,
Oh God I loooooveeee weddings!

Put my name in your wedding quest list ya!

Natasha and her big sister, Nadia, I still think she is one of the prettiest person I have ever met.

This is Little Miss Vain Pots at some strategic place with good lighting.

Haneysa ter-super friendly dalam gambar ni. Damn!

Natasha pesan, tu baju raya dia, so nnti bila raya nampak pakai baju sama, ignore je! Hehe.

7 nosy parkers:

Suraya said...

Wah!! nak lagi pictures!! :P

bestnyerrrr~~~ i love weddings too!

Haneysa said...

coming up!

blueberry la~ =p said...

nak ikut...

Haneysa said...

hehehehe. tunggu abang kau kahwin kite amik gambar sakan ok?

nata said...

sue.. penat tgu u dtg.. haha.. this is the 1st bro. 2nd bro lambat lagi (hopefully.. *jahaaaattt* :p)

azraaaaaaa... ala rindu nyeeeeee...

haneysa, my sister will inflate to the size of a blimp if she knows what u said about her.. daaaaammmnn.. hahah. ok2 i admit jugaklah. she is beautiful. oh please jgn la dia jumpa blog ni.

oh oh! & nadzwan sure bangga u blogged about his wedding..
thanks for sharing that special day with my family! love u lots & lots & lotsss..

Haneysa said...

tu la nak tag post ni as wedding nazdwan & norashikin nnt org google they'll come across this blog! heeeeee.

ni cakap seorang stalker.

rashid said...

dah menikah ghoman eh..
ekau, bilo ni?