are you passionate enough?

I haven't been writing any post here for a long time. Actually I don't know what to tell here anymore. Not that my life is ever as interesting before.

I always tell my close friends, that I am very turn on by passionate people. It's like when they do their 'thing' nothing in the world can ever come across. The fact is, I envy that. Since I find myself hardly passionate about anything (well, reading blogs don't count!) since everything I do, I get bored easily.

I remember last time when I saw the bf were very into his 'manufacturing thing' that has to do with hand skills that he rarely pays attention to me, my turn on button went all greeeen!

Passion is sexy.

However, there are some people with passion that really turns me off. It's not that them being passionate yang turned me off, but the thing they are passionate about. Faham ke? Tak faham takpelah nak buat macamane kan?

Let see, how these kind of people, if I ever have to talk to them and the first 5 minutes conversation would be one of these below, I will roll my eyes make my faces.

1) Those who are passionate with themselves! Diorang sajelah yang betul, yang pandai, yang smart, yang terbaik. These people hardly make jokes about themselves, and when other people do, they get emotional. Jalan kat rumah diorang lah yang paling cantik, batu rumah diorang lah yang paling best (ha-ha ingat tak sape?), degree dioranglah yang paling susah, life diorang lah yang paling unique. What the hell? Eh yang ni kasi harsh sikit - what the f?
2) Obsess with PDA. I know you have a bf, guess what, I do too ;p Tapi gambar kissing and hugging macam tak sesuai ecp when you recently 'polished' and 'upgraded' your social appearance. I puke a little in my mouth, thanks to you.
3) Those who talk about their political stands very seriously. Those who obsessed about finding other people fault, like whatever they believed in is ultimately correct and those opposing that is definitely jahat and salah. Hello, have you heard the word different? (Refer 1 back). Usually when I look up at certain someone, and when that certain someone talks about politics, confirm I throw them out from my 'I look very highly oF you' BOX.

The thing is dear, going humble and low and funny is always the way to go.

Hari ni entry agak cold, I wonder what bothers me inside?
I myself do not know.

ps/ If you are either the follower of the ruler or the opposition, don't let me know ya. Who knows your are actually in my 'I look very highly of you' BOX. I don't want to throw you out since I have been running out of human in the BOX!