no hari raya for me this year

It's final. The father is not able to take days off for coming Hari Raya. He said they are shutting down the platform and everyone has to be there.

Talking about Hari Raya is a bit awkward in the house. We (as in Mama, adik-adik and I) have to drive on our own to Teluk Intan w/o Ayah. So Mama said no baking kuih raya or whatsoever related to thecelebration should be mentioned until Ayah left for Kerteh. It's sad. I can't remember the last time we had not celebrate it together.

But I acted cool. Until the morning raya when we have the salam-salam raya event going on, and talking to ayah over the phone may invite major water works.

Haha, over lah.