i am an official prison break season 4 buff!

I waited with mounting passion for the every episode to complete downloading. Put aside Gossip Girl (that show is losing the X factor for this season ey?) I put this as top download-must!

When the show was rather disappointing (to my liking) at Season 2, and at Season 3, where Sona in Panama was really hot and humid and disgusting. Sona Prison reminds me of

1) Smelly people. Good God they sweat all the time! Once when I was small watching Chef Wan baking cookies and cakes before buka puasa, I wished tv can emit 'smell' as they produce 'sounds'. But I'm glad that was only one stupid wishful thinking.

2) Since they sweat a lot, they must have been very thirsty all the time kan? I tengok pun rasa haus, puasa pulak tu. Macam best dapat minum air sirap kenduri kawin kan? Hehe.

3) Since they have nothing to do in the prison, why don't they just take a nap? Tidur petang je lah, kan best?

4) I told the bf that I think Ballack looks a bit like Dr Isa. Hahahaha.

Season 4 Prison Break is much more stimulating and the whole show did step on the other par.

I miss James Whistler accent and his passionate and deep voice. His face when he speaks, so serene and calm. When he was shot in the head, I screamed and my mother thought I saw intruders in the house. (I was watching at 2 am, what do u think)

However, am I the only person who thinks Michael and Sara, they have no, none, nada chemistry on set?

Ok, come on episode 5 (and incoming), jangan malukan I, first time ni semangat blog pasal favourite show!