last ten days of Ramadhan

Today is the last day Ayah buka puasa together since he'll be leaving for Kerteh tomorrow. So the aunties and the uncles came over for buka puasa and they left after terawih.

While doing the usual ushering them out and salam-salaman outside the house, under cold chilly night, today Qusyairi said to me
'Hari ni KakNi tunggu lah Lailatul Qadr'

I widened my eyes, did not see that coming from him.
'Nanti KakNi boleh nampak cahaya terang kat luar, pokok-pokok tunduk'

Hah, budak ni confirm baru lepas (kena paksa) baca surat khabar dengan mama since I remembered reading about an article on Lailatul Qadr when flipping thru the newspapers this morning.

'Sambil KakNi tengok The Nanny pkol 12 nanti, ha, tengok-tengoklah kat luar tu, kot-kot boleh nampak Lailatul Qadr'
I laughed hard, gelak omg-bangangnya! Nasib baik adik sendiri so cannot verbalize the word 'bangang' tu.

But that laughing moment didn't stay too long when he finally said
'Kalau KakNi nampak Lailatul Qadr, boleh doa dapat kerja cepat...'

Senyap semua.

And I stroke his back for having a slight idea that this 13-year old brother in front of me, is maybe silly, but lovingly sweet.