today i hurt my hand

I am the person who tend to get bruise easily. If others suffer PMS, I suffer bruises on the legs escpecially. They look hurtful but they're actually not. If I knocked on something, I don't usually feel the pain, however the bruise will definately be there.

Sometimes they were there for no reason, meaning I didn't clumsily knocked on anything or anyone, but somehow few spots of blue purplish appeared on the leg, out of nowhere...

2 weeks back at the Impiana Hotel I woke up in the middle of the night, the (wooden) floor was very dry and slippery plus my super dry feet does not help in terms of friction at all, I slipped and my brothers who were in the same room woke up immediately due to the heavy thudding sound I made.

I got a huge 3 inches diameter of bruises on the knee and it looked so rempit-ish.

Today, when I was trying to open the gate, my palm get stucked between the metal, the instant pain rushed from my hand was unbearable due to my inability to sustained high threshold of pain. When I released my hand from the gate, there was instant bruise on edge of my palm that grew into the size of half ping pong ball and I panicked.

I'm not being a baby here, but hey, physical pain is one of my weakness from child, thats why I resort to one-person sport only. Read : swimming no hard falling, no mud, accident-free. Hehee.

But when I came home, I took an ice pack and swollen shamefully grew back to its original size. The silver lining is, mom said I deserved an MC from doing all the house chores tomorrow. Yeay!