one of the many things i hate

One of the many things I hate is when I have to listen to people saying these things
'...tadi I baca blog u, cakap pasal..'


Paling benci people talked about what I wrote. Since it's written, self explanatory I'm not comfortable talking about in verbally.

When I write, ideas flow, words came out. But when I talk, it is totally different way. Tell you now, I am more keen telling things in written form, I'm such a bad speaker, I say things I didn't mean like 'Pusing kiriii!' but what I mean was 'Pusing kanan'

However, my lack of ability to differentiate right and left may contribute to that.

Anddd this message goes to you to Mr BF!

'...I baca blog u tulis pasal anniversary tu..bla..bla..bla..'

Immediately I burst out loud 'lala!lalala!lala!!lalala!!!' so that I couldn't hear the rest of the story.

So there, one of the many things I hate.

Ok lah, sebenarnya bukan 'hate' tapi malu.

2 nosy parkers:

sinnerpoet said...
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Suraya said...

yer..very awkward kan?! it's like, ok i tau u baca my blog tpp perlu berkata "i read abt...." hahaha

aduh tp i mmg kena bash abis about things i write esp masa i emo dgn my hsemates haha. eff it (oh god puasa ni, tarik balik tarik balik)...i guess only bloggers understand? and some really understanding readers as well kot hehe