smile darling

I would be lying if I say nothing is bothering me. It's not actually a problem, just that the uncertainties that are so horror to face alone. I must keep cool for the sake of everyone around me. If I wasn't, if I were to break down, then I'll be pulling everyone around me too.

So there! Breaking down is not an option. So smile!

I hate talking about what's bothering me. I don't like to speak what inside, but when I do, I'll come to a person. If I cannot express my thoughts and worries in words, I pull some lady stunt also known as crying. Then I'll be ok. Really ok.

A cynic like me let go things easily.

And when I wake up I would say
'Kenapa nangis semalam macam bangang je!'

*this post emosi sikit, jangan question kenapa banyak complicated feelings, mungkin pms, mungkin tidak*

When I was watching Oprah, she said something about crying your heart out and let go. Duh, itu I pun tau, tak payah tanya Dr Oz.

It has been 3 weeks I haven't get to see my favourite face. The bushy black hair, the chubby fat fingers, the pair of mata sepet yang almost unseen when he smiled. (Oh I make him sounds like a baby did I?). Not so long, week 5 come quick!

But we talk like hours on the phone. Sometimes we (he) watched tv with me on the other line. Ceh mentang-mentang supplementary line. Banyak kali dia gelak tengok drama melayu and I was 'Kenapa? Kenapa?' nak gak tau ape yang kelakar kan...

Oh yesss, I 'm listening to Fall For You (hehe Zu you make me like this one) using phone. Hint hint lah tu ada phone baru. I like this phone sebab ade QuadraPop (Im a huge fan of any games wt color and Tetris-like) yang sangat addictive and cute.