after more than 5 weeks

After more than 5 weeks from being (physical) absent, we finally met each other yesterday. No running with open arms like those Hindustan movie with melancholic songs as the background ya.
But I did giggle and laugh nervously in the car, malu lah konon! Menyampahkan?

Let me spare you the detail of our outing, but I must tell you we had 2 Nandos meals for the day, one in OU and another one in Midvalley. Hah! Ada orang tu dah sukaaaa gila Nandos and take back what he said about Nandos back then.

And we met Mok and his gf (I still don't know what her name is, but we used to call her 'Kakak gf Mok' haha malu kalau dia tau!). Nice to see UTP pair still goes a pair.

I wanted to buy the Topshop jeans, but later I said 'It wasn't necessary'
I wanted to buy the Pull and Bear tee, but I told myself 'It's not that necessary'
Bila dah ade duit, susah betul nak spend ye?

I call the day as, My strong-self against consumerism force.