the routine

Seriously, I get tired of people asking me what have I been doing the past 4 months.

Pssst, I still have ample money in the account, from previous paycheck. When I feel like a loser, I went eyebrow shaping. Or manicure pedicure. Or facial. Or shopping. Or calling friends and talk.

Or do you want to know bit by bit, minute by minute what I do everyday?

I know you don't but I'm telling anywaaaay!

10.00 am - I usually get off bed at this time. Nobody's home. Peek on the pc and see how the movies/series downloading. Grab a cup of coffee. Sit back in front of pc. Hah! Macam kat UTP dah.

10.30 am - Breakfast. With more coffee. Bawak pinggan bfast to the tv room. On tv, straight away click on channel 411, then 412, then 413. Half way through bfast went to start off the washing machine. Then continue eating slowly sambil selak-selak fringe yang annnoying tutup-tutup mata. Kalau bengang sangat cakap 'Argggghh!' berenti makan sekejap pegi carik sepit rambut.

11.00 am - I used to be an avid newspaper junkie, now not anymore. Wash the dishes, clear the sink, wipe dry the dishes, minimals everything you can ever found on the kitchen cabinet by putting/rearranging them in the drawer. I think I am the only living person in this house who likes to keep things minimalist. Vacuum floor. Twice/thrice a day mop the floor.

11.30-12 noon - Jemur baju. Sambil jeling-jeling maids neighbour sebelah yang sure gelak sebab pukul 12 tengah hari baru nak ampai baju. Sebab kejap lagi dalam 2 jam sure kena angkat balik - hujan.

12-1.oo pm - Vacuum the house, lipat baju yang kering semalam. Clean up brothers' room sambil menyumpah-nyumpah. Usually at this time my parents will be home from chores/market/datings/outings whatever you call it. Open the door, they surely will greet me with 'Haney tadi bangun pukol berape? ' 'Pukul sembilan...'

1.00 pm - Mandi! Put on comfortable clothes, put on toner, moisturizer and all that consumerism crap I fall into. Comfortable clothes meaning boxers at night, and non-low cut jeans at noon.

1.30 pm - Prepare for lunch. Prepare je, bukan masak. Tapi sekarang dah rajin sikit peek mama at the kitchen buat muka cool (ego taknak mengaku nak belajar masak, hehe). Then pergi jemput adik-adik sekolah. Wajib pakai oversized shades since I don't want my bother's friends to say 'Weyyh Qawiem mak kau dah sampaiiii...'

2.00 pm - Lunch with family.

2.30 pm - Clean up own room, spray-spray perfume around the room, lay comfortably on bed, pick a novel and read. Sambil gosok-gosok kaki bawah bantal. Heaven!

4.00 pm - Kalau hujan alihkan baju-baju ampaian. Kalau tak pergi hantar Qusyairi diving kat Paroi Jaya. Ini tak pakai oversized shades pun takpe, sebab tak ada sape-sape nak impress.

4.30 pm - Online. Tengok movie kat pc. Text/Call bf. Kalau boring, pergi iron baju. Serious ni!

6.00 pm - Online lagi. In between iron baju-baju yang berbakul-bakul. Aware sikit dgn fon, sbb bf dah habis keje so we usually talk.

7.00 pm - Wait for Maghrib. Duduk lepak-lepak depan tv tengok The Nanny sambil makan ice cream with banana atau kuih karipap. Marah adik-adik sebab everyday kena ingatkan tutup tingkap. Angkat kain baju kat ampaian.

8.00 pm - Hantar Qawiem tution. If not, tengok Oprah. Ye, I tak tengok news langsung.

9.00 pm - Selalunya online. I'm a blog-stalker, online shopping browser, movies addict, series junkie. All together I am an internet-whore.

10-11 pm - Gayut dgn bf sampai (dia) nak tido. Sebab esok dia keja, I tak.

11 - God knows when am - Kalau rasa inspirational update blog. Or blog hopping. Lately addicted to fashion blogs.

That's all. Pretty same things everyday, and quiet similar dengan job scope maid sebelah-sebelah rumah. Allowance pun lebih kurang sama kot? Maybe I dapat privilege drive Honda City Mama, makan ice cream atas katil, online internet, and bila mama suruh siap meja dinner boleh cakap

'Gimme 10 minutes, habiskan The Nanny dulu!'