for unemployed, friday is JUST like another day

I think this place of mine is becoming whiny and motherly-like. Euw kan. I am not a bubbly person that talk endless, but I love making people laugh. If not I would think I bore them.

Once the bf said I was so funny that I could qualify for Raja Lawak Astro. (not sure thats a compliment or a complaint)

Today I called and ask for follow ups about the offer letter. But the GTS Lady cakap she can't promise I'll be on board for training on Dec itself. Grrrr. I keep myself busy munching chocolates and drinking milk with loads of episodes of Californication to balance out this maternal instinct in me.

While mounting the Hershey's wrapper and gulping cold HL, at episode 7 season 1 I think, the moment they played Foo Fighter's - The Pretender I said,

'Ahhh that's it! Ni memang cerita I.'

3 nosy parkers:

MeiYuan said...

OhMyGod Hershey chocolates with milk!! perfect! haha!

h a n e y s a said...

mei yuan i want to log in to ur blog!

MeiYuan said...

oh mine is open to public already lol =P