my armour part 2

Hello and hi everyone.

I am now in deep euphoria over Haruki Murakami - After Dark. Since my current job tittle reads 'Heavy Sleeper' (hope it's gonna change soon) I forced myself to add something new to the bookshelf.

Been asking friends around for books on recommendation. Natasha recommended The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Actually I had the guy at MPH Jusco to order for me, but since I had to go to KLCC on short notice yesterday (tak sempat tu nak shape eyebrow, betapa tak confidentnya I!) so I pay a visit to Kinokuniya.

The book was apparently sold out, but the helpful sale-lady managed to dig the store for newly fresh one from the box!
And I can help to look at the workers kat Kinokuniya with envy-eye, gila best diorang bergelumang dalam buku. The same look I have for librarians. Hmmm...

Anyway, when I read a book, and thrown deep into the emotion of the book, the feeling is indescribable. The feeling is almost not singular, but mixed and complicated macam the writer try to tell me a lot of things at a time. Macam dalam kepala I ada movie with the characters play their part according to the story. The feeling best gila I bet lagi best dari orgasm.

Senang cerita I memang obsess dengan words. Kalau Fifa buat report ayat tak sedap I tengah tidur boleh terjaga. Selagi tak bangun betul kan ayat dia, I tak boleh lena. Haha.

So kan, bila kita baca translated books, macam Murakami, Marquez ni kan, of course lah dah translated. I wonder, is the feeling would be the same if we read from the original language? Meaning if we understand and read in Japanese, will it be the same feeling as we read in English translated by some professor?

Faham ke tak faham I cakap apa ni?

Hah, tu lah Haney siapa suruh tak amik English Literature.

And today I went eyebrow shaping!

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ealya said...


kalo btol la u join dept i...
mmg banyak buku u bleh bace...
ade org yg akan supply kan u buku nnt ;)

h a n e y s a said...

buku cite ke?


huisssh i tak dpt letter jgn cerite sini lagi. sssshhhh!

mangifera said...

i would say it's different from reading from the original language. because every language have different way of saying things, which make you closer to their culture. it's rare to find any good translator who go extra miles to explain about idioms, slangs and language structure to readers in extensive effort.

and most reader also don't really bother to acknowledge it. but what i'm saying, the small details is the devil which make things sensible to your cultural instinct. you could feel it as if you're there to experience it.

we couldn't deny that culture dictate our action mostly. so, to understand one culture is to understand the people.

or so i said la. :P

sarah pahmi said...

no chinn. its way lain. I had a friend who reads chinese books, then she got a book which she already read in chinese, but in an english version. She said the feeling is totaly different. And the way they describe/rewrote it is also different. Sometimes mmg lain habis, sampai hilang meaning sebenar. Like kite baca buku sastera melayu, kalau translate to English, jadi lain feel and sometimes even meaning. So better amik class jap for u to read the original version hehe.

example, try to read harry potter versi melayu. Eh i tak sure u bace ke tak harry potter :p

p/s are u sure its better than orgasm? :p

h a n e y s a said...

hahahahaa i tau lah u dah HALAL tak payah berlagak dengan i okaaaah! bongok gile u. hahahahah.

yea sarah i tak bace harry porter macam zu tak bace dan brown. hari tu i cakap Qusyairi, 'Ha Ari English sucks bace ni ha Harry Porter bahasa melayu' die jeling i sarah.

to all
i know the feeling must be different, but to have the privileged to understand and differentiate those two would be nice kan?

mangifera said...

would you love to indulge in that even if it make you prejudice? i think for some good reason, i pretty much prejudice over bahasa melayu cause i think it's not so well rounded and not fast paced as english.

frankly, kadang2 rasa cam bodoh bila nak cakap bahasa melayu baku. rasa cam tunggul kayu. even my english also not poshy.

feel like third culture kid. :P

babyish_angel said...

omg bodoh gile sarr!are u sure its better than orgasm??hahahahhahahahaa i didnt expect it coming frm both of u.damn!hahaha enlighten us with the details sarr :P

si permata said...

gate mu zoo..gate as in gatal..before korang"oooo gate tu gatal eeeeeh"

h a n e y s a said...


What PIPE had done to you?????

i bace gate mu zoo - gate (pagar)


babyish_angel said...

OMG si permata tu ifa ke?damn kg i igtkan sape lahh..

h a n e y s a said...

zu, i rase fifa dh change. i can smell.

u ni org call tak pernahlah nak answer kan?