choco break!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates, I'm too busy indulging time with myself. Dealing with HR, shopping for work wear, spending time with actual people (blog people isn't real to my definition hehe).

Where are you dear? Haven't heard from you since Tuesday. You said you email...?

Today I'm going to PD for a weekend with the family, cousins and uncles and aunties. I packed my swimwear, sunblock (I won't trade fun for kusam-ness, NEVER!), armours (books, iPod, magazines) and all set to go for a swimming good-time with big fat cute cousins. I'm gonna show off my swimming skills to win their heart. I'll pretend to drown and tickle their feet and dive underwater to impress them. I'm all planned up, Yeay!

I dah beli satu baju kerja ok. You kalau tengok mesti you buat muke tengok ruffles banyak sangat. Or you'll say 'Bukan mainnnyee..' But I like. I even emailed you the picture. Go check.

Then on Monday I'll leave for Teluk Intan to meet the Opah. The day after we'll go to Damai Laut with the cousins of mom's side. I'm not really close with them because they are all very quiet (I nampak macam from another planet bila I buat muka excited). But it's ok. I'll try to maintain my composure and be the sweet big sister they never had.

Call me. I miss. You.

4 nosy parkers:

EaLya said...

x sabar nak jadi officemate ni =p
nway, i dah tau dah cubical u kat mane nnt...depan pintu...jauh la kite...

afifa said...

have fun!!!one note..put on your sunblock dear,the twin tower discriminate org gelap n kusam :)

sarah pahmi said...

ok, nnt i call u.

sunblock plss! i pun dah start pakai sbb makin panas. n guess what? my feet pun dah kusam, so i letak sunblock kat kaki hari ni, annddddd kaki i ada belang sbb kesan pakai slipper. damn! how buruk is thatttt???

p/s I ingt sape lah miss H tadi!

Miss H said...

ok ealya u jangan pandai2 decorate cubical i ok. haha.

i pakaiii sunblock. tiap2 setengah jam re-apply. haha. semangat gile mandi laut sampai pukul 12 tghari.

i pakai miss H sbb i paranoid nnt dh kerja org Petronas google nama i. hahaha!