this is my third cup of coffee

You know, my mom has a habit. She will not make/cook anything my father's favourite when he's not around. For example, my father loves his dark coffee, and his daughter loves them as much as he does.

So when the father is away to work for two weeks, this poor little girl struggle to make her own cup herself. But of course it doesn't taste the same. The bitterness, the creamy taste, the color intensity, the aftermath of every sip, just not as same!

But yesterday, when the father came home, and today she wakes up jumping off the bed and straight to the dining table and see the favourite coffee filling in a big huge mug.
Her mug.
She smiled, and rub her sleepy eyes.

It also proves that, she is, easy to please.

3 nosy parkers:

sarah pahmi said...

oh how nice! i miss my mom's coffee that she would make only for my dad. the specific brew with steps etc yg dah diajar still cannot get it. *sigh* ur lucky, eventho u only get that cup of coffee when ur dad's around hehe

amirul farez said...

coming to kerteh anytime soon? hehe. this is my 2nd day here tp dah rasa macam 2 tahun. haha

Miss H said...

haah, i'm lucky in that department. bf pegi offshore he never called/emailed jadi org gilaaa i ok!

no im not. ala bzr exagerate je ni. ntah2 happy je dgn technical allowance. haha!