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So here it goes...


1) I'm attracted to happy funny hilarious people.

2) I will not wear ill-fitting pants/tops. The fitter the better. Hehe.

3) I pretend to like Will Smith just to blend in with people who do.

4) I have trouble going to the loo every morning. Get me?

5) I put one this fierce looking face just so that people don't bully me.

6) I have no allergies towards anything accept for dusts.

7) One thing I can never tolerate is bad odour/smell of anything. I have a nose as powerful as the mouse.


1) I don't know the meaning of the word quirks.

2) There's a dictionary beside this keyboard but I'm too lazy to look it up, so I just assume, ok?

3) I say weird things because there are a lot of unorganized stuffs inside my head.

4) One of the reasons I love my bf to death is his skills and passion to put up with my shopping crave...eh needs. Shopping needs.

5) I like to describe things. And usually I demand that from others too.

6) I judge people by their choices of musics and movies. And I don't see any harm passing initial judgments. They are to be broken, anyway.

7) I think male is the better gender! Ok kill me now!


1) Hani. I like her style.
2) Alia B. Cheer up ok!
3) Mei Yuan. Kenapa suka post entry hanging. I was like what happened? What happened?
4) Niema.
5) Bzr, dude I know you like talking about yourself haha.
6) Pitya
7) Stalkers. Friends anyone?

3 nosy parkers:

Hafizd said...

almak..mlehnye..mcm jwab exam utp la...

Miss H said...

hah ni senang je mcm jawab survey question FYP hahah.

Hani said...

helo. i nk perasan im the hani number one tuh boleh?

tp i confused la. style? STYLE of what? haha

btw i did this a few times. tp still be doing it kot. psl dh teruja dikata ada style. haha.