my sister went away and a part of me went with her too

So you know we sent the sister to Penang. And lucky Penangites they get to enjoy free wifi broadband for the whole island (incoming).

Now I don't have cooking partner. We used to cook lunch and towards the evening we cluttered the kitchen with measurement spoons, spilled flour and quarreled over the correct speed of Kenwood mixture. Trust me, if I were alone, I won't spend more than 10 minutes in the kitchen let alone cook.

I find no self-satisfaction in cooking. You know? Lepas masak tak ada rasa apa-apa. Biase jeee.

She used to hate me when I start flipping my books. She said I look horrible and intense-ly not pretty when I'm drowning myself into the so-called deep emotion. Sometimes I read under the comforter, or hide my books with a huge pillow or sneak the book into the toilet (haha kidding!).

Or else she starts screaming at me.

We fight, we scream at each other. When we were extremely mad mula lah tukar style address each other kau-aku. If not we have special names for each other like lovers even the parents wonder what they meant.

Secretly I hate her steady boyfriend because I'm afraid they are going to get married and left me nobody I could actually speak to in this house.

Haha gila paranoid, fyi she's younger than me by 2 years.

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