Sunny Day

I woke up today at 710, without jumping off the bed.
Pre--set 3 alarms to make sure I'm on time to arrive the 800 am class.

Put on Zu's pink 3 quarter shirt with white stripes together with the new black V-flare in trying to pull a professional look for the mock business meeting.
But I guess the gold flat kills the whole look.
And I walked to class alone as I always did, stuffing the earphone under my scarf to the sounds of my favourite mood-lifting playlist.

So the mock meting went well.
We ended the class for the whole semester. I'm gonna miss Mrs Azelin.
One hell of cool lecturer.
Today in class, I laughed at everyone and everything.
Basically I giggled a lot. Alone.
Once I chuckled quiet loud, and everybody stared.
Till the Mrs Azeline turned to me (I was sitting next to her) and asked
'Are you okay? U seemed high. U have a lot to laugh today'
I swear by Knocked Up's theory, it's the hormones. Not me...

When the class end at 1000 am, (no more class yeay!) I walked back to the hostel (alone).
Stopped by to buy a cute wrapped nasi lemak and nescafe iced.
Climbed up to the hostel office to get a free-copy of the Stars.
Get in the room, ate teh nasi lemak, sambil tengok Sex and the City again. (so not appropriate there were a lot of hot scenes not so appetizing for a happy meal time.)
The flipped through the newspaper. Skipped the whole sport section untouched.
Thinking if the bf was here he must be reading every words spelling out each sentence of the sports news and gossips.
Sigh, I miss u.

Opened up the Structural Steelwork textbook.
W-E-L-D-E-D connections....
...okkkay....thats sounds familiar...

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