Dwell in the Luxury of Home.

Just hang up the phone after a chat with the bf while rolling on the bed and hugging pillows.

I miss you. Already. Hehehe.

The holiday is great (so far)
Despite that I have to carry the responsibility of an instant-home-maid, scrubbing the floor and ironing the clothes, the endless dishes.

I had to bear some shocking findings in the boys' room including hidden firecrackers under the bed and smelly shirt and jeans that I suspect to be exactly 4 months not being washed.

That is very normal I assume?

And, mama turned 44 yesterday.
My sister and I bought some sort of a ceramic decoration box and she displayed it at the center of the house instantly.

In the afternoon, the aunties and uncles came over, since the little cousins were having Kelas Agama at my house. The parents asked for a favor from a neighbour's child, used to be a friend of ours, now preparing to continue his studies to Madinah to some sort of evaluate the little ones Al-Quran recitation and fardhu ain lesson.
One of my cousin, Hakimi, is very funny. He went to the toilet almost 5 times sebab terkentut lah, nak wee wee lah, lapar lah, haus lah.
But when the mommy gave an almost popped-out-eyeball-stare at his 5th visit to the toilet, he quickly ran to the tv room (where the class were held) and never came out again. I heard the ustaz (we called him ustaz tho he's at Dura's age) complaint to the mother

'Hakimi malas hafal do'a qunut!'

Things at home never fails to amuse me.

Oh, I shall resume swarming under the duvet,
in cold weather,
with good book and
continuous supply of ice cream and banana on the bed...

If only forever is like this...

(ok, lets see how long all these stay in the state of fun)

p/s Bf told that Colbie Cailat is coming next Feb. Hopefully this time it's real!

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