Of Old Time

Am going to Damai Laut tomorrow till Friday, then straight to Penang to send off Dura.

Were packing just now. And looking for my swimsuits.
I plan to go for a swim, err wait.. let me rephrase that. I plan to go water-soaking, since swimming at hotel's pool is impossible due to crowd and frantic jumping kids (and their alikes).

Then I realised..
My swimsuits are 5 years old.

And they can still can be worn??
Yes they are, amazingly.
That shows how laaaazy I am, in terms of visiting the pool to do decent laps.
By decent I mean full laps without stopping by the pool edge to chat with Azra.
Or moving my arms and legs, in my own definition of grace, impersonating the synchronised swimming routine.
Or doing continuous tumble till I feel dizzy.
The very least I did the past 5 years were swimming the effortless, slow breast stroke like nyonya doing tai-chi I used to witness at the Lake Garden Seremban on my way to school.

Oh, those (I have more than 1, of course, I'm not that pathetic) swimsuits were still in good shape, as in wearable.
But not very fine looking tough.
I desperately need a find new one during Qusyairi's next diving tournament.
And start serious swim laps to put the new swimsuit in good use.

I'm going.
Toodles everyone.
See you on Sunday.

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