I'm Back!

I'm back.

We went fishing at Damai Laut.
I am not a fishing type, therefore I sat at the jetty where ayah and the brothers hang out, dipping my feet in the water.
The view was scenic and the water was pleasant and calming.
I felt a strong urge to jump into the water. Seriously!
Ayah said go ahead. He'll watch from the jetty.

I asked ayah
'Ada buaya tak sini?'
I was expecting a no answer.
But my father replied..
'Ayah tak sure...'

Apparently father caught crabs, starfish and catfish. And also jellyfish tentacles.
How scary.

'Tak payah la nak jadi macam dalam movie.
Jumpa air je nak terjun.'
As my little brother put it.

Instead of doing the regular vacation stuffs such as spa, swimming and sauna, I opted to the the laptop watching Kaneizoru Ichizoku, latest Takuya Kimura's series.
And Denzel Washington - Russel Crowe American Gangster.

The pool was crowded with jumping kids, as I expected.
So I decided to sit quietly in the room. (I'm not an outdoor person, so what?)

Sekarang saya demam Denzel Washington.
Cry Freedom, Glory, For Queen and Country, Malcolm X, Pelican Brief.
Here I come!

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nanashariff said...

buaya ada di laut yea?