My AidilAdha Story

This time Hari Raya Qurban was somehow unusually different for the family. The neighbourhood of Taman Perwira organised our very own-first-Qurban ceremony unlike years back, we merged with the nearby taman and held the ceremony at their place.

Fyi, my neighbourhood is not that big and there stands approximately 30 houses only. They set up a Qurban team consist of the all family members and put up two large tents to accommodate all of us. And people donated food, drinks and other relevance to support the event which was the first ever held.

A very well-organised team they are, worked and helped each others task. Mamma insisted that I showed myself in the gathering because the neighbours were almost strangers to me. I seldom get to play bicycle around the taman with the kids in the afternoon because I had to attend swimming training and if not, tution. And when I grew up, I left for MRSM and later UTP. (Translate as: I have pathetic childhood?) That explained the 'ooohhhs and ahhhhs' when the mother introduced me to the neighbours. Anyway, I managed not to overdo my sweet-smile during the introduction time.

Ayah was one of the the back bone in the Qurban team, being a handy and ultra-helpful man he always is. Well, you can see him in his favourite fisherman hat with blue shirt in above picture. Upon seeing the splashing of blood bursting from the neck when being sliced, I felt a sense of excitement triggered. Or should I say puas. Scary eh?

' Qusyairi, nama Ari kena panggil. Siapa punya lembu dia kena pegang kepala lembu masa ustaz sembelih kepala dia. Lagi afdal.' I said with a serious face, of course.
'Haaaaaah!!!!? Betul ke Kakni?' Qusyairi replied with obvious scare. Don't blame him though, the lembu keep kicking everything in its one meter radius, including the wind and the air.

I thought the semangat gotong royong is far ages and only appears in sekolah kebangsaan text book. I thought the semangat kejiranan is fading away together with the tolerance with innocence and materials. But today I witnessed an unfamiliar sight where everyone gathered, despite amongst us are friends, acquaintance and strangers.

Later around 3 pm, after everything was cleared up, we left home to rumah nenek and had some feel-good-with-family time till 11.00 pm. My jaw hurt for laughing at Pak Long cracky and stupid jokes. The stomach is bloated at the moment due to over-taking festive food. I hope to gain a couple of kilos to fill in the jeans in the butt area. Heehee.

Tomorrow there will be more family gatherings.

Till then. Selamat Hari Raya Qurban to you.

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alia detsiwt said...

"Upon seeing the splashing of blood bursting from the neck when being sliced, I felt a sense of excitement triggered. Or should I say puas."

puas?! wahahhahahah... damn. i loike.
anyway, u've been tagged agak lama sudah. ur not gonna get away with that... do the hockey pockey!