Melaka (25 -27 Dec)

This is a long overdue entry.
Melaka Trip (25-27 December 2007)

The girls came with Komuter, arrived Seremban, and we headed to Melaka straight away.

Arrived at the condo around noon. I (so does everybody else) felt in love with the place instantly.

The balcony..

Yep yep, it's 2 storey high.

Then as usual, jalan-jalan around town. Me not going write a full report here. Sara, you can have the details mouth-by-mouth (call la babe!)

Ifa dengan pose.. hmmmphft. I letak sini nak pancing distraction u, understand? Hehe.

If angel can be in human form, I believe she's one of them.

I'm still figuring how they can stand all the geli-geli baring atas rumput tu.

Story behind this patricular picture shall not be revealed to generation!
Escp Zu's.

The, Riverside Kopitiam (ke I salah eh?) had banana split, which literally ice cream in banana.

Eleh-eleh cute lah tu.

'Make sure mat salleh tu ada dalam gambar I. Nampak macam France sikit'

Chinn : Ihsan sini banyak shirt cun-cun tapi I takda duit la.
Zu : Four hundred.. four hundred..
Yes I know four hundred is for jeans, I know.... everybody knows..
Next day, brunch at Old Town then off we went to Waterworld!

I'm not sure this photo is permitted here, but till now I haven't received any warnings or sorts..

Well, it was a fun trip!
What I need the most. A break from everything.
Thanks beautiful for the time of my life!
I'm not very good at expressing feelings.
But I know the simplest way is always the right one (and safe)...
What if you and I would never met?

3 nosy parkers:

zoo said...

i thot im ur angel??no?hahaha kelakar la igt blk time i buat scene tu hehehe sorry babes!i igt kan i bleh sampai atas tu oooopppssss!lets plan for anothr road trip..wit sara this time.eagle ranch pd jom!

chinn said...

u babyish angel. angel lah jugak tu kan.
heheeh i teringat satu a famosa tu tgk u kot mase u struggle nak panjat tembok tu. pastu i support butt u tolak naik atas tapi tak dapat. hilarious gila. bimbo, but funny.
yes jom another trip. this time no more bad food ok. eagle ranch jom! i feel like shooting someone. don't worry, i won't shoot u.

p/s oih ade ke discuss pasal blog i dgn ifa?

nanashariff said...

ba-NANA split pleasures me :)