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I was tagged by Miss Alia Baizura long time ago.
She sent a stern warning about it in the previous entry comment and..
I takda masa lah nak fikir-fikir so here it goesssss

8 (8 je?)weird things about me

  1. I speak secret language with my sister, Durane (read Du-ra-ni it is, not Duran). We give names to people close to use like Mama-Sikumama, Qusyairi-Sikusyairi and my bf, SikuWira and speak to each other with weird accent. Why? don't ask.
  2. This is well-announced-fact that I only dip my food in tomato ketchup. But that is not because I can't stand the hot and spicy.
  3. I like to scare people with ghost stories and scary thoughts about it. I tease them about the possibility of it-may-happen-here-eeeiii. It was me later who find it difficult to go to the loo alone at night because of the story I myself told.
  4. Female singers have little place in my playlist. In short, I prefer male vocals.
  5. I always (always!) scored A Bahasa Melayu during school days. The time I beat the school genius, Nurul Aidah in essay competition , I know my destiny is to write blogs. Well, here I am. Kehidupan...sangat seperti dirancangkan?
  6. I can't wear any lipstick/lip gloss because the lips is easily irritated. I only glide some Vaseline on and still people ask what kind of lip gloss I stick too. One of my proud moments I must say.
  7. If I were cast in Heroes, my super ability would be I can sleep and no earthquake can wake me up once my head touches the pillow. Susah-tidur-malam or in sophisticated term, Insomnia never exist in my vocabulary.
  8. I hate the size of my nose because it always spoil the photo.

There I said it!

Next : Pictures for Dear Sarah who didn't join the trip to Melaka. Awesome trip!

2 nosy parkers:

alia detsiwt said...

kenapa hidung u? besar eh?

Haneysa said...

tak. penyek. annoying gile.