Sad Awakening

Mama went to KL today with the aunt sending the little bossy Dini to Tumbletots in Subang Parade. Can you believe my aunt living in Seremban drives to Subang twice a week for a 45 minutes constructive-play-time or so they called it as a prospect of learning development. Huh. Competitiveness is going too far for a 3 year old baby.

I woke up around 9 am by the ringing of the house line. Once I picked it up, I recognized instantly it was the neighbour Ra'e on the line.
Ra'e : Kak Haney, Ra'e ni. Nak bagitau, rasa-rasanya Rich ada kat sini.
Me : Huhh? Apa? (I don't even care my cracking voice sounds like a mumbling zombie)
Ra'e : Haah. Dia ada sini, datanglah tengok.

I slammed the phone without saying thanks. My mind tried to digest what he just said.

Can it be? After 2 months?
When he says Rich is there.. is he dead or alive?
Is it Rich? Is it really him?

Badly, I wanted to run over there and confirmed it myself before the news to be told to my brothers. I would spare them the devastation if it wasn't him. But I'm wearing boxer and sleeping shirt, with un-washed face, so I told my brothers about the call and casually asked them to check it out. I acted normal. Inside it's like a hurricane worst than Katrina, wishing with my life it is really him they found.

Both of them went there and I sat quietly on the tv room hugging my legs.

When I saw Awiem emotionless face (he must be trying very hard to show no emotion too) from the window and Qusyairi obvious sad look, I know at once it wasn't Rich.

I continued hugging my legs and stared at the blank tv for the next hour.

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