Welcoming 2008

My handphone inbox is filled with New Year greetings from friends. Allow me some to response to the messages ok, you should know by now I am not particularly someone who would response a sms at once.

So year 2007 is coming to an end. What had been different?
I say none.
I am definitely the person I am in 2006.
However Zaza said I changed to compare with the old me when I first entered UTP. She said I used to be daring and full of confidence.
I beg to differ.
Secretly I hold a long speech of defense to myself which I don't want to verbally convey them.

Yes. Last time I don't care if my top is as tight as my second skin.

Something tells me aging teaches us consequences.
Consequences that you and I cannot bear to face.

The lesson learnt in 2007 is an obvious one.
I learn that people can change.
By change I mean physically, and emotionally.
We have the idea that we know the person secret pockets, but we didn't actually.
Either its a phase of life, or it is for the rest of time.
Well, I'm shrugging my shoulders now. (If you know me, you'll get what I mean.)

Welcome 2008.
I'm graduating next year.
Hopefully I'll be able handing over envelopes contain fat money to my little cousins next year's Hari Raya.
23 years old.
A good age to live a better life ey?

2 nosy parkers:

alia detsiwt said...

allowing changes is a sure sign of maturity and its good. happy new year to you... and btw hidung u tak penyek la. and that skin tight info gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. *grins*

Haneysa said...

ifa siap msg i tanye what's up with the 'changes'. takut lah tu i cakap pasal die. hehe.