The Day I Grew Fat

It's 12.00 midnight.
You can hear your tummy growling.
Suddenly you crave for something you shouldn't, at time you shouldn't.

The excuses come excused themselves.
Either the dinner portion equals to countable droplets of rice.
Or you didn't even take dinner, at all.

So there you go. Midnight snack.

Midnight craving is undoubtedly irresistible.
Hard to ignore, almost like a possession.

I had a scary, scary experience on the day I learnt I grew fat.
It happened exactly 6 years ago when I was in MRSM.

Cravings used to be as normal as breathing.
I started humbly by taking nasi lemak from a small cafe just right downstairs every morning. (The recess time was around 10 am, and you must know I had taken my heavy breakfast at 7 morning)

Despite that we were provided 6 meals at school per day.
My appetite seemed to grow as big as the eyes can see, and I started my affair with midnight snack.
Every single damn night, right before I went to bed, I faced a strong irresistible force to eat.
Nasi lemak, nasi goreng, Maggy with Inda and Fifa and Lela, toast bread.
Maggy itik pun I pernah cuba ye.
I can finished the whole row of double-stuff Oreo at a time.
I sneaked to swallow a dollop of Nutella because I craved for chocolates.
If I ever ran out of snacks, I (and Ifa and Lela and Inda) would dig each others food basket for anything to munch.

Until I realised I was 56 kilos, and my proud shoulder frame drowned between the fats!
I gasped in front of the mirror, the day nature told me I couldn't fit into my Levis and stretchable U2.
I was one depressed soul that forced-hearted settled for khakis.
Tsk tsk tsk.

God knows how I tried to cut off food, but I tell you, we are inseparable.
I am one hard-headed person who would kill for a meal.

Luckily (lucky is unfair choice of word, I worked hard to kill my midnight-snack habit) I shrinked back to 45 kilos after SPM.
Mama helped a bit by quit buying Hobnobs, Maggy and all those tempting cheese spread, peanut butter jelly and of course, the magnificent Nutella.
So I only have the air and the tap water to munch between main meals.

Because of that, I try my best not to start the old affair with Mr Midnight-Craving.
For I don't want to ever go near to liking it again.
O yes, some people look very good with some fats.
And they feel good too (I still think some of my friends are more beautiful with those cute chubby-ness).
But not me. Definitely not me.

But at this very moment, my stomach is growling fiercely and my eyes are twinkling to the KFC leftovers in the fridge.
Hey, I had a very early dinner!

12 nosy parkers:

afifa said...

sape vote zue as paling simple n not complicated is sooo in denial hehe

afifa said...

bile nak buat entry pasal sim card kakak cafe hilang..ehehe ehehe ehehe

alia detsiwt said...

maggy? so matsalleh youuu...
bukan maggi ka?

nasi lemak pepagi mmg a pain in the ass.

chinn said...

al :
maggi ke?
i spell check pakai blogspot ni die kate maggy. i ikut je lah. haha.

eh alia kenape u slalu takde mase kirg supper bilik lela eh?

fa :
sim kad kakak cafe hilang? (kakak cafe damansara tu)
cikgu faridah punye sim.
gayut smpai bil beribu2.

ingat tak pakcik cafe pun ade camera slr. tade pulak kite obsess amik gamba dulu kan.
sbb gemuk kot. and tudung jahit depan.
tak confident dlm gambar.

pastu tgk world cup dlm tv room dgn inda smabil makan toast dgn soup. pastu cikgu, eh mama(?) ju datang bawak rotan.
seram punye experience.

fa kurt kim salam.
remember, kurt. ketiak.

chinn said...

sape vote fifa mmg tak sedar diri baru smlm ade conflict ape ntah.
malu je satu hari dah settle.

zoo said...

fa ure complicated tau skrang..hehe dont live in denial eh ;p

alia detsiwt said...

haha. terima lah kenyataan. org berlaki mmg complicated.

i jarang ada time supper coz i obsess ngan my then bf... dia make it a point i kena ada line if dia call. if tak dapat, gaduh besar. aduhhh... thank god for the break up.

chinn said...

yes ifa kene sedar die semakin complicated. tak larat i layan pillow talk die.

zoo said...

skrang i yg x complicated kan chin?hehehehe

afifa said...

haah zue dah tk complicated sgt..why eh zue???hehehe

chinn said...

haah laa. zu dah tak complicated sgt. mcm i. hehehe.

mesti u adore relationship i yg sgt straight ni kan? kan?

nanashariff said...

how does maggy itik taste?

never tried in my entire life.