I'm Looking for a Song.

Actually, I'm looking for a tune for the blog.
Hahaha. Habislah korang.

One that is

...not emotional driven
...preferably male vocals (sorry girls)
...relax, and doesn't make you head straight to the little cross at the top right.
...nothing screams
'I have relationship trouble (because I don't!)',
'I'm so over you (yes you told us that at every entry, already dear)',
'I am a strong lady, I don't need a man in my life (because I do, I just hate to admit it!)'
or anything with emosi-lah basically.
...lyrics that can make up the next chapter of Sejarah Melayu.
...anything that is me.

I. Am. Hard. To. Please.

Thank you for noticing.

3 nosy parkers:

afifa said...

wht about come home???do it for me pleaseee

chinn said...

i'll think about it.

alia detsiwt said...

try "explosions in the sky"... no lyrics tho.

or anything from "the postal service", mm like 'the district sleeps alone tonight'

oh hold on... anything that is me tu confusing... you ke me? ngeheheheh