Here Comes January

When I first stepped my little feet in UTP, I looked up every time I was introduced to seniors.
I wonder that time, how on-top-of-the-world they would feel if I were to put myself in their shoes.

But as usual as it sounds,
when the time really knocking at my door.
It does not feel like castle under the rainbow.
The F word (it's fyp, I had to swallow my own vomit just by uttering this word) is playing drum inside my head.

Turn out, final year final semester ain't that glorious after all.

Happy New Year babes. See you at convo, or Sara's wedding, whichever comes first.

Till then, the bed is calling.
X Men Worship-er

7 nosy parkers:

zoo said...

our convo will be on 24th august la chin.sooo see u at sara's wedding.or maybe i'll see u when kiteorg pg visit u kat utp nnt hehehehe.nape entry u yg lpas blk from road trip ni mcm tense je?muka u mcm frownin bile tulis blog ni..hmm i can imagine

chinn said...

hahahha. ade lah. tapi susah nak cerite kat u. personal issue (saje buat drama since semue ade drama accept for me)
frowning? ingat odysey lah tu. ;0 i nak upload gambar melaka kat sini tapi leceh la internet and pc i super lembab ok. give up i.
and scholar tak masuk2 lagi. dah 2 jan dah ni. i tinggal rm4 je. u rm400 eh?

alia detsiwt said...

hehe. when i was in my 1st year, the seniors are super huge, old and super scary...

now that i'm done with uitm, my juniors look huge, old and super scary... banyak kali i ask my friends "knapa bila kita jadi senior, junior tak tgk kita mcm tu pun???" not that i want to be all of the above... just curious.

zoo said...

hahaha td i bace blk testi i kat fresnter..tergelak i bace pasal joke i-mandi-satu-baldi-pn-dh-cukup tu..hahahhahaha!u igt lagi x?

chinn said...

hahahahahaha ingat laaaa. ade lagi eh testi2 lame i?
ape ni reminiscing frenster pulak. soo yesterday pls.. (catch up the tone Zu, catch up fast!)
i nak video melaka. ecsp yg main saidina time ealya jadi survivor. upload lah kat youtube and secretly tell me the url. nnt i upload mane yg cun2 kat sini. again, pls...

btw sarah ni main tukar2 engagement date mcam shopping date pulak. u still takle dtg ke? i & cina boleh pick you up otw to kl kat klia..

afifa said...

final year project.there,i said it.

chinn said...

al :
some people can never be super huge, old, and super scary.
they are people like us!

afifa :
ur first word in my blog is final year project?
if my child first word is fyp, i swear i'll slap him hard that he won't ever talk again. that if, i am to have one lah! ops.