Hey there lovely, today is already Friday the 4th!

Fifa asked my new resolution and I find a realistically-accomplished one.

For I shall talk gently with the elderly (by elderly I mean the makcik cafe, makcik kopetro such things la) and will not make weird and funny faces in front of them.

Well, the bf did mentioned I was rude with makcik cafe last time.
Not exactly rude to say.. but a little bit harsh?
So there. My resolution.

School started already.
Qusyairi is attending diving training 8-10 am every morning, then at noon he left to school.
He heard rumours about him being selected for the Sukma team, so his spirit went sky high, obviously.
So no need to wake him up at 7 am everyday. He's awake and full of energy after his cereal and waves me goodbye in between my sleepy eyes while I'm till crawling on bed.
He's having one-on-one morning training with the coach because apparently all his friends go for different schools this year, so they attend the afternoon session.
And mama will sit at the bench the whole two hours to company him since he's practically alone with the China coach that learnt new malay words such as 'punggung' (ass) and 'ada maju' (you have improved).
D e v o t e d mother, she is eh?

And the mother is on the working out mood.
She dragged me along to the gym where Qusyairi trains. Tomorow morning is another session.
Malasnya threadmill....
Gives her few weeks I bet the working-out seasonal spirit will eventually shifted back.
The thing is, she loves to talk while I prefer to listen to the Ipod.
And I'm not very much a talker at times...

The entry on Melaka's trip is taking unbelievably long time.
I started uploading the pictures since few days ago, and only today I accomplished the job.
But still, there are lot of snaps and videos from Fatin's and Zu video cam.
I wonder how I could get my hands on those, escp the one far in Kuching.

For those who pemalas to scroll a little bit under,
click Melaka Trip.

Shit, I miss the girls already.

2 nosy parkers:

ealya said...

miss u too chinn ;)

chinn said...

eh ealya the saidina survivor.
i miss u too. ;P
sorry tak kire u mase main saidina haritu. i ingat u dah bankrupt.